Bonded Diamond- and CBN grinding wheels

SCHELL offers a comprehensive range of diamond and CBN grinding wheels in a variety of innovative types of bondings:

  • Resin bond: for a cool cut and high sharpness. Wet and dry grinding possible. Perfect for very fine surfaces.
  • Metal bond: High thermal load capacity. Excellent shape retention due to large grain holding force. Perfect for profile grinding and grooving
  • Ceramic bond: Produced without pressure. As a result, the ceramic bonded grinding wheel is distinguished by excellent dressability.
  • Metal ceramic bond: This ceramic bond is pressed under high temperatures, similar to the metal bond. Application areas are the grinding of sapphire and oxide ceramics.

We are pleased to offer you your individual bonding, e.g. for the grooving, PCD grinding, cutting and grooving from a width of 0.1 mm, composite sanding or similar complex applications. Contact us. We are happy to help.